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Terms of Trade


International Car Express(ICE) holds stock in Japan which can be viewed and purchased online through this website. Prices are all quoted in Japanese yen in FOB however we can also work out a CIF shipping price if required. A deposit of 50% of the total FOB/CIF on all vehicles is required prior to shipment, any delays in payment will result in the vehicle(s) being cancelled after 10 days. Deposits are due within 10 days of confirmation and documentation will not be released until 100% of the invoiced amount is received.

Before you bid

We need a  deposit of 100,000 yen ,or 50% of the total car cost (whichever is greater) should be made for vehicles over 1 million yen.

Placing bids on Auctions

Review the vehicle data before bidding on vehicles. Our staff will contact you before proceeding with a bid to confirm condition and answer any questions you may have. Please make sure you note the full FOB bid price when bidding, you can view an example of the bidding process here. If you have any questions please contact us prior to bidding or note in the memo section when bidding.

General Bidding Information

Vehicles can be searched for using the search features located on the main page after logging in. Once you have located a vehicle using the search, you can click on the photo(s) to view more details or click on the auction ID and it will take you to the vehicle details page.

The starting price gives NO indication of what the vehicle will sell for! It is merely a starting price which the owner has indicated the auction to start at. As an example, a vehicle that is starting at 0 yen may sell for 1 million yen, however a vehicle starting at 300,000 yen may sell for 500,000. Auctions are very unpredicatable sometimes however our staff can give you some tips on things to watch out for when bidding.

To place a bid online, once in the vehicle details page, simply indicate a car cost price you wish us to bid on, enter any notes or requirements you have in the notes section and click submit. This bid will be checked and processed by our staff in Japan and you will be contacted after the vehicle has been inspected to confirm the bid.

Auctions are held from Monday through Saturday in Japan and generally commence from 9am Japan time and can last through until midnight for some of the larger auctions.

At auction

The vehicles are inspected against the condition notes listed on the auction sheet and once confirmed we place bids on your behalf.

After the auction

If your bid is successful, the purchase price of the vehicle at auction is forwarded to the customer along with the FOB or CIF fees associated with it. Maritime insurance will be included in this price along with any extra inland transport charges and auction fees. Any of these extra charges will be confirmed via phone before placing your bid so you will know exactly how much a vehicle will cost prior to confirming your bid price.

If your bid is unsuccessful, the results will be forwarded to the customer via email for review.

Successful purchases are transported directly to the closest port for shipping preparation. Data entry of all details and photographs are loaded onto the internet and viewable in the customers account under [My Account]. Vehicles are shipped on the first available vessel after purchase depending on shipping schedules, documentation and payment.


50% of the total invoice amount is required prior to shipping and within 10 days of initial purchase. The remaining 50% is due within 10 days of a ships arrival. Customers that make 100% payment prior to shipping will be given priority. All payments must be sent to ICE's account in Japan. View our bank account details here.


Standard FOB Fee  90,000 Yen.

For vehicles purchased directly from auction the following FOB Fee structure applies.
Purchase Price.

Y1 to Y100,000                      FOB Fee  Y  70,000
Y101,000 to Y499,000          FOB Fee Y  90,000
Y500,000 to Y999,000          FOB Fee Y100,000
Y1,000,000 to Y1,499,000   FOB Fee Y100,000  plus 5% of the auction purchase price.
Y1,500,000 to Y1,999,000    FOB Fee Y100,000 plus 5% of the auction purchase price.
Y1,500,000 to Y1,999,000    FOB Fee Y100,000 plus 5% of the auction purchase price.
Y2,000,000 to Y2,499,000    FOB Fee Y110,000 plus 5% of the auction purchase price.

FOB Fee increases by Y20,000 for every increase in the purchase price of Y500,000 over Y2,500,000.

Discounts for volume buyers and prompt payment will be given also. Contact us for more details.

Extra costs

There are two situations where extra costs will be calculated. You will be informed of these costs prior to bidding so there won't be any surprises when you get the invoice.

1. Distant auctions: To get the bargains and variety we list vehicles from many distant auctions. 8000 yen internal freight is included in our agent fee but sometimes the internal freight from these auctions is more. The extra amount will be subtracted from your bid price.

2. Computer system fee: We have over 95 auctions a week available to be viewed online. Some of these use a computer system that incur charges double the usual 10,000 yen auction fee. If you happen to bid on a vehicle at one of these auctions, we will subtract this amount from your bid price and include it in the car price if purchased.


Please note that all accounts are settled in Japanese Yen. We can issue US Dollar invoices, however accounts are Yen based.

Your countries import & registration restrictions

We assume that the buyer knows what can and cannot be imported to the destination country. ICE will not bear responsibility for cars purchased if the buyer does not inform us before bidding of what restrictions are on vehicle importing. When bidding please enter relevant info into the memo box (eg. Must be less than 3 years old, must have airbag etc.) for anything that is not obvious.

We assume that buyers are familiar with the regulations concerning import approval and compliance for their own countries. As such, the responsibility to comply and register the car is entirely the buyers. We will deal with everything in the export process until the vehicle is landed in your country.

Customs, compliance, tax, duty, registration is entirely the buyers responsibility so please make sure you are familiar with all the regulations governing car importing into your nation.

Glossary of Terms

C&F (Cost/Freight)
This includes the following costs:
- Price of the Vehicle
- Japan-side procedure costs (in-land transportation, customs & shipping procedure, documentation etc.)
- Ocean freight

CIF (Cost Insurance Freight)
The same as C&F but includes insurance

FOB (Free On Board)
With FOB the customer is responsible for payment of the ocean freight to the destination port shipping agent. This largely depends on the shipping agent & destination ports. This term only includes the following:
- Price of the vehicle
- Japan-side procedure costs (in-land transportation, customs & shipping procedure, documentation etc.)

Cancelation of vehicles bought directly from auction

A cancelation fee of 100,000 Japanese yen will be charged for any vehicle cancelled within 1 hour of purchasing. If the vehicle is cancelled after the date of purchase ICE will reauction the vehicle and all losses will be invoiced to the customer that cancelled the vehicle. ICE will not transfer payments to any other Japanese bases Export companies. Payments will be returned to the sender.

Cancelation of vehicles already booked

Once a vehicle has been assigned to a vessel cancelation is not permitted.


Customer Accounts, that are not paid in full within a reasonable time of 20 days, from notification of shipment are considered in default.

ICE reserve the right to resell vehicles that have not been fully paid when due and charge to the customer all port fees, duties, customs charges, fines and other administrative expenses necessary to have the vehicles sold


Property or title on all vehicles supplied or delivered will not pass or transfer to you the client until those vehicles have been paid for in full and received by us. If payment is not received when it is due, we or our agent or representative may enter any premises where the goods are and repossess them.

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