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International Car Express(ICE) guarantees our inspection reports are as accurate as possible. We realise that a vehicle will be handled by many people in the export process and therefore we cannot guarantee that a vehicle will arrive in the same condition as it left us in Japan. All vehicles are insured for this reason, and any claims that may arise from damage caused in transit should be notified to the shipping company as soon as a vehicle is received. Our post-inspection report is produced for this reason and should be used when making a claim with a shipping company.

Often stereo's and audio equipment go missing at port when a vehicle arrives so please retain a copy of all photo's ICE has supplied to aid as proof should you need to make a claim.

Claims Policy

For all claims other than damage that has happened during transit the importer will have 5 days after arrival to report any defects that are not mentioned on the inspection report. No claims will be accepted after this period.

There is no insurance cover on the following: rotary engines, hybrid batteries, Subaru engines, SRS/ABS problems, aftermarket parts being defective, missing stereos, GPS navigation/software, CD/MD/TV/DVD/HDD related modules including stacker cartridges, BOV's, air filters/airflow sensors, gear knobs, cargo/torneo covers, alloys being buckled or caps missing, aerials, ECU computers, faulty sunroofs/power windows. Rust issues on all Nissan, Mitsubishi, Mazda, and Subaru's will not be covered.

Damage to vehicles sometimes occurs during shipping. If the inspection of the vehicle differs from ICE's inspection report ( web site notes ) please forward your claim to the shippers agent. Vehicles shipped FOB or C&F are not covered by maritime insurance. Vehicles shipped CIF are covered by maritime insurance.

All care is afforded to safeguard our customers against known and common faults when buying cars via Japans Auction houses. However most of these known faults are undetectable at the time of inspection. 

ICE does not accept claims where the following situation applies;

1. The customer is present at the auction and has himself inspected the vehicle
2. The odometer reading exceeds 100,001 kms
3. The auction grade is less than 4.0
4. A or R graded vehicles are not claimable
5. The vehicle has been modified or performance enhanced
6. The vehicle is more than 10 years old
7. Any issues relating to clutch, breaks or air bag suspension systems
8. No claims on any CD Stereo, Audio or Navigation systems
9. Theft loss or damage which occurs after the vehicles leaves Japan
10. In resolving a claim ICE may opt to take back the vehicle and refund the customers costs.

Claims if any must be made in writing within 5 days of the vehicles arrival to the port of destination.


ICE accepts no responsibility for cracked windscreens or other glass windows that need fixing/replacing.

Convertible vehicles

ICE accepts no responsibility for soft/hard tops in convertibles working or needing repair to the soft top itself.


ICE accepts no responsibility for any damage to alloy wheels or any damage/ware on tyres.

Audio Equipment

ICE accepts no responsibility for any stereo systems or audio equipment that is missing or not working.

Paint & Panel

ICE accepts no responsibility for any paint & panel damage or defect that incurred after a vehicle has been loaded onto a shipping vessel. Any  damage not reported on ICE's inspection report should be outlined in a surveyor's report before the vehicle is removed from port, and submitted directly to the shipping company for a claim. Once a vehicle has been removed from port no claims will be accepted by the shipping company.

Any damage caused by natural causes (hail, flood, etc) is not covered by ICE.


Due to speed limit restrictions within the port area vehicles cannot be driven above 10km/hr, making inspection of transmissions very difficult. Should a noticeable problem be identified during inspection it will be notified on the report. Any major transmission problems that have not been mentioned on the report will be claimable in the form of a credit towards the customers account.


ICE accepts no responsibility for faulty clutches however we will do everything possible to check for any faults before purchasing a vehicle from auction. If a fault is identified within 7 days after purchase and it is not mentioned on the auction sheet, then a claim can be processed with the auction it was purchased from. In this case a discount will be made if the vehicle cannot be cancelled.


ICE will guarantee all vehicles that have been odometer certified by our independent agent in Japan. If a vehicle fails an odometer inspection in your country that is certified by us in Japan, we will pay for shipping costs back to Japan. All vehicles that are not certified in Japan (ie. Do not have a inspection certificate) will not be covered by ICE. For more information on having odometers checked before departure please contact us.

Disclaimer on vehicles over 15 years old

ICE will not cover any defects whatsoever on vehicles that are older than 15 years old. We will inspect vehicles to the best of our ability before leaving Japan however wear and tear on vehicles of this age often cause problems during transit, and we cannot warrant any vehicles of this age. Please note that the purchase of any vehicles older than 15 years will be at the customers own discretion.


ICE's inspection process is designed to be a substitute for the customer inspecting the vehicle themselves. It is not to imdemnify the importer from known problems or normal reconditioning costs and risks that are associated with importing a used vehicle. It is a policy designed to cover any mistakes or misrepresentations made during the inspection process.

A claim will be considered if there is sufficient evidence of a major problem existing prior to it leaving Japan. ICE reserves the right to refuse or accept any claim that doesn't meet the claim policy.

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