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Kenya Roadworthiness Inspection (RWI)

The Kenya Bureau of Standards (KEBS) has appointed JEVIC for the conduct of the pre-export Roadworthiness Inspection (RWI) of used motor vehicles from Japani, destined for use within the Republic of Kenya.

This inspection was initiated by KEBS to minimize the risk of unsafe and substandard vehicles entering the Kenyan market, thus ensuring the health, safety and environmental protection for Kenyans. All used vehicles must meet the KEBS requirements of this important safety pre-export inspection.

The major points of the RWI

The vehicle must be less than 8 years of age
The vehicle must be right hand drive
The vehicle must pass a safety and mechanical inspection which is similar to the Japanese 'shaken' system

JEVIC Inspection Criteria

All vehicle(s) must pass the Kenya Bureau of Standards Roadworthiness Inspection prior
to export from Japan and Dubai. Criteria includes the following;

① All vehicles include; small vehicles, passenger vehicles, commercial, multipurpose vehicles (includes trucks and buses).
② No vehicle older than 8 years from the year of First Registration.
③ No Left Hand Drive Vehicles
④ Parts and components of the vehicle operate as manufactured.
⑤ Vehicle(s) to be presented in a clean manner. Engine to be washed so the VIN and Engine number can be identified.

Vehicles MUST BE free of the following
① Exterior: Panel with more than 25% damage. This does not include surface scratches (deep scouring may require touch up painting if base metal is exposed).
② Internal: Excessive staining. Damage to seats, ceiling, floor mats, door covers and other upholstery must not exceed 10cm for passenger vehicles and 30cm for commercial. Repair work such as re-stitching and or seat covers will be acceptable. Adhesive tape is not considered as repair.
③ Windscreen: Crack(s) longer 2cm or Star damage greater than 1.5 cm or fogging in the area of the windscreen immediately in the driver’s line of vision. No crack longer than 15 cm in any position on the windscreen.
④ Tires: Any bulging, fouling, re-tread, break in fabric or cut which is more than 25mm long or 10% of tread width (which ever is greater). Minimum tread required 1.6mm.
⑤ Corrosion: Any structural corrosion. Corroding areas to painted with anti rust paint. Underside and engine bay paint should be black, other areas to match affected panels.
Equivalent of the Japanese Periodic Inspection (Shaken). This includes; sideslip, brake tester, speed tester, emissions, light (headlight) tester, under carriage and operating lights (indicators etc). Emissions criteria is lower than that of Japanese standards.


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