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J1 Trading operate 24 hours a day however, auctions in Japan go on holiday during Golden Week (May 3rd - 7th), Obon Week (August 13th - 17th), and New Years (generally from the 27th December until the first week of January 2009). Auction schedules during this period will be announced online prior to the holidays commencing.  

Japanese National Holidays - 2008
January 1 New Years Day 元日
January 14 Coming of Age Day 成人の日
February 11 National Foundation Day 建国記念日
March 20 Spring Eqinox Day 春分の日
April 29 Showa Day 昭和の日
May 3 Constitution Anniversary Day 憲法記念日
May 4 Greenery Day みどりの日
May 5 Children's Day 子供の日
July 21 Ocean Day 海の日
September 15 Respect for the Aged Day 敬老の日
September 23 Autum Equinox Day 秋分の日
October 13 Health and Sports Day 体育の日
November 3 Culture Day 文化の日
November 23 Labour Thanksgiving Day 勤労感謝の日
December 23 Emperor's Birthday 天皇誕生日

J1 Trading will be available to be contacted during all of the above listed national holidays.

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