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Odometer Inspection

J1 Trading utilise the services of ATL for all odometer inspections. All vehicles that pass inspection receive a 100% money back guarantee from ATL covering the complete value of the vehicle from the time the retail customer make their purchase. This is a powerful competitive advantage adding significant value and confidence to ATL "Certified Passed" vehicles.

■ ATL can inspect all analogue, digital and port programmable diagnostic odometer systems.

■ ATL can inspect all vehicle makes and models from passenger cars through to commercial vans & trucks, luxury vehicles, as well as motor cycles.

■ Each inspected and passed vehicle receives the coveted ATL "Certified Passed" sticker which is placed on the front windscreen.

■ Each inspected and passed vehicle has an accompanying Odometer Verification Certificate, adding authenticity to the inspection process while adding value to the vehicle.

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