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Maritime Insurance

Maritime insurance is included in the price of all vehicles purchased C.I.F.(Cost Insurance Freight) from International Car Express(ICE). Insurance against damage and/or loss of vehicles during transit is an issue we take very seriously, and for this reason we have negotiated with shipping companies to provide full coverage insurance, protecting our customers investment against any unforseen disasters. All insurance policies are designed to cover the following:

1. Coverage against any major damage caused during transit, until the vehicle is released at the destination port.
2. Coverage against the sinking of any vessel carrying vehicles.
3. Coverage against 'General Average'. Ie. All costs usually required to be paid by the customer in the event of a vessel getting stranded or run aground will be covered.

In some cases a third party may be responsible for causing damage to a vehicle. In which instance, ICE will work with the customer to recover any losses from the responsible parties.

Maritime insurance applies until the vehicle has reached its destination port storage location. Once a vehicle has been moved from this location it is very difficult to establish liability on any damages that may have occurred during transit. Should you think a vehicle has been damaged, do NOT remove it from the port. Contact us immediately so we can inform the shipping company of a claim. Documented proof of the damage is required in order for a claim to be accepted. This must include a condition report before the vehicle is loaded at its origin port and proof of the damage when it is discharged at it's destination.

All claims must be in excess of $500USD in order to be valid. Audio equipment is not generally covered by this insurance policy unless there is solid proof that the shipping company is responsible for the loss.

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